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“As an indispensable design lead, Lee has single-handedly guided, matured and empirically improved the Milk Video user experience. Thoughtful and considered in approach yet swift in execution, Lee is the right kind of raw talent who adds immediate value to any design team.”

– Scott Barrow, Head of Product & Agile Leader

“I had been looking for a 1%-er for the longest time, I was seeking someone that got the big picture, could see a huge vision and had the understanding of design and experience. We started with something very complex but when Lee was finished it was simple, beautiful and elegant.”

– Andy Gough, Founder: MIcrowork

“We had just started a project featuring augmented reality windshields for automobiles. I realized that the technology-first approach would not work as these devices were integral to human-machine interfaces and required a user-centered design approach. Looking at Lee, I was attracted not only to his traditional UX design and communication skills, but more importantly to his broader knowledge of design as a philosophy and its application in new media forms…”

– Victor Ng-Thow-Hing, Principal Scientist

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